A Bit About This Blog

THIS IS a travel blog. It’s not one of those blogs that will give you the details on where to stay or how much to pay, but instead hopes to shed some light on the places that I visit. What interests me is the everyday, the things that make up people’s lives, and how these things come together to make culture. The strangeness of other peoples’ familiar is an important way of understanding ourselves.

In 2014 I travelled the world for a year-long trip with BKC, my wife, taking only what we could carry on our backs (which, as it turned out, was more than we needed). Since then I’ve come home, re-integrated into the working life and – whilst not earning a crust – I’m studying part time for an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck Universty. Work and study mean that, for the time being, my blogposts are less frequent, but no less enjoyed in the writing – and, I hope, the reading.

I also write fiction.


The Importance of Elsewhere

By Philip Larkin

Lonely in Ireland, since it was not home,
Strangeness made sense. The salt rebuff of speech,
Insisting so on difference, made me welcome:
Once that was recognised, we were in touch

Their draughty streets, end-on to hills, the faint
Archaic smell of dockland, like a stable,
The herring-hawker’s cry, dwindling, went
To prove me separate, not unworkable.

Living in England has no such excuse:
These are my customs and establishments
It would be much more serious to refuse.
Here no elsewhere underwrites my existence.

10 thoughts on “A Bit About This Blog

  1. Like the blog, I love everything about it, thanks for liking my post. I went all over Europe and we did not go to the UK thanks to one of our friends :(…I have to go this year. You know you have a writer’s will your fiction.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I enjoyed your blog – lovely photos and great styling. Unfortunately I share my name with the writer of a series of famous British sit coms – “Dad’s Army” and “Allo Allo.” I try to get around this by inserting an initial in there! David J Croft. I like to think it makes me enigmatic…

      You should definitely check out the UK. Despite what I would have you believe from what I write, there’s actually a lot that’s good about these fair isles. As long as you’re prepared to queue…

    • Thanks! I enjoyed reading about your 2013 Travelutions and I thought to myself that I should probably try and add a few to my list. It’s good to have a list. Sometimes I write things on my lists even when I’ve already done them, just so I can cross them out… I look forward to hearing your stories of your travels in 2013.

    • Hi Henry,
      It was nice to meet you at the Wanderlust seminar – however briefly! Thanks for your kind words. You’ll see that I’ve also left a comment on your http://www.lifecommentary.co.uk blog. I think that the design thing is just about what different blogging sites offer. I feel that my site can be a bit cluttered, whereas yours was nice and clean! I use FB, Twitter and wordpress tags to get my work about. I also try and ‘like’ other people’s blogposts if I see a good one, and often comment on them too. It increases traffic!

      I’m now following you on twitter. I’m @DavidJCroft

  2. Hi dave!
    Its Franzi and anne! For some reason our Mails to you havent been delivered,so we try it this way. :
    We arrived in ubud yesterday andere probably gonna stay till wednesday! How are you andere where are you? Would be great to catch up!
    Franzi & Anne

    • Hey Franzi and Anne! Great to hear from you guys. We got your email on Beckie’s account and she’s sent a reply. We’ve just rented a place outside of Ubud for a month. We pick up scooters tomorrow, so will be able to meet up tomorrow afternoon or evening? Look forward to seeing you both, Dave.

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